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The Shooting of Ted Failon’s Wife (Update: Trinidad Arteche Etong Is Now Dead)

Ted Failon’s Wife is Now Dead

as of 8:50 PM, April 16

My deepest condolences to Ted Failon’s family.

Trinidad Arteche-Etong, the wife of veteran ABS-CBN newscaster Ted Failon, has been declared dead at 8:50 PM by doctors at the New Era General Hospital Thursday evening. She passed away about 20 minutes after doctors tried to revive her, Peter Musngi reported Thursday night over radio dzMM.

Source: Ted Failon’s Wife Dies from ABS CBN

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My husband and I watched the video above and hubby immediately noticed that one piece of evidence, the “Suicide or apology note” is being handled by reporters. Shouldn’t the evidence be secured and tucked in a safe place? Talk about being responsible. Anyway, the note says this:

““”Papa, Im so so sorry gustong gusto ko pong magsabi sa yo ng totoo, pero hindi ko po alam kung papaano ko uumpisahan.

“Sobrang takot na takot po ako. Umalis po muna ako. Kasi hindi ko po kayang at nahihiya po ako sayo humarap.

“Sana po mapawad mo ako papa. Sorry, sorry Papa

Mama” [I want to tell the truth but I don’t know how to start. I was afraid that is why I left]…

Okay, I find it strange that the wife addresses Ted Failon as “po” so many times. Being Visayan, I might have made the wrong assumption on the usage of “po” since the “po” word is not part of my Cebuano dialect. Or she is just very respectful when she speaks in tagalog. I don’t know. There are just so many inconsistencies from the news reports. (see update below)

Update April 16 11:00 AM

“It was a self-inflicted incident. My mother tried to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head,” said Kaye Etong in an interview over dzMM.

She added that the supposed letter from her mother bore her true handwriting.

“I know my mother’s handwriting. Nung nakita ko ‘yung kopya ng sulat, alam kong sulat po ‘yun ni Mama (When I saw a copy of the letter, I know Mama’s handwriting),” said the daughter, adding that the use of the words ““po” and ““opo” was normal for her mother.

(Source: ‘My mom tried to commit suicide’ )

As of this writing (10:00 PM, April 15), there is no official report from the SOCO [Scene of Crime Operatives]. News Report cite that as of posting time, Trinidad Arteche Etong, 44, was brain dead.

Brain Dead.

I’ve heard those words blaring in my ears at the emergency room as my son lay dying on the hospital bed. It is a shock to hear words like “clinically dead” or “brain dead”. It’s like giving hope that a miracle may happen but the truth is , it simply means dead. No life. The heart beats but it is artificially stimulated by a drug. You know the brain has no more activity but one wants to hold on to any small fringes of hope.

I don’t know the circumstances behind the shooting of Ted Failon’s wife. I can only speculate as either suicide attempt or domestic violence.

The family must be feeling shaken, unsure and vulnerable.

It is a matter of time. And all I can offer are my prayers.

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120 thoughts on “The Shooting of Ted Failon’s Wife (Update: Trinidad Arteche Etong Is Now Dead)”

  1. It sure is disconcerting. I don’t even know what to pray about… knowing for sure might satisfy the burning questions, but it might not give them peace… which they don’t have anyway not knowing the whole story.. aarrgghh!! I suppose I’ll just pray for God’s will, believing that He knows best.

  2. Obviously, may foul play ito. Almost all of Ted failon’s life ay broadcaster sya. Marami na syang naireport tungkol sa mga ganitong klaseng insidente na kinasasangkutan nya ngaun. So isipin nyo nga, is it even logical para sa isang katulad nya na linisin, galawin at alisin ang mga ibedensyang pwedeng mag-link sa tamang suspect? Siguro naman hindi tayo magta-tanga tangahan diba?

    1. ung mga katulong po ang naglinis nung banyo. ted was focusing on bringing his wife to the hospital. it may not be the right move to clean up, pero anu pa bang aasahan natin na gagawin nang mga katulong, db? one thing, during that time, before ted went home for his wife, it was clear na nasa dzmm station c ted. i also saw it sa tv. meron po kc kaming live telecast ng dzmm station (meron dn nmn po cgro kau..) and i saw him there. he was doing his job well on-air pro pag off-air nah, he was just looking on his phone over and over again as if worrying for something. he was busy texting pag off-air. just my observation.. i know the truth will come out soon.. hopefully!

    2. I think Failon did not instruct them to clean the crime scene since he did take his wife to the hospital. I think by instinct the helper in the house not knowing the implication or aftermath of cleaning the barthroom where the wife supposedly made the self implicted wound cleaned the area as if it was part of their job. We have to wait and see the gun powder test on the deceased wife. We have to be subjective on this matter. The act of the police on the relatives also was also abusive and no respect on their dignity.

    1. tama ka, di naman marunong mag po ang mga visaya, wala talaga sa termino nila yung po. kung ang sulat ay para kay ted (truly visayan by blood), ganun ba siya katakot kay ted failon?

  3. I’m am deeply sorry for the wife’s family and truly hope she gets better. my prayers goes to her and her family, especially her children.

    As for Mr. ted failon, all i can say is that HE IS UNFAIR! for him to REQUEST a news blockout! who does he think he is? and for ABS-CBN to comply?
    i thought “walang kinikilingan ang balita” or was it “panig sa katotohanan”?

    I don’t care who is or isn’t involved in the crime, all i care about is the truth and i hope despite Mr. failon’s abuse of his influence in getting a new blockout, truth would still prevail.

    If we think about it, if this happened to another person, other than Mr. Ted Failon or anyone connected with ABS-CBN or any other network for that matter, let’s say the case of Mr. Leviste, did anyone cared to put a news block? even if he would request such, would Mr. Failon even let that stop his mouth from commenting? i don’t think so.

    If news reporters would stop delivering news just because one of them is involved then that is discrimination. If their mouths don’t shut for other people no matter the circumstances, why should ours be?

    1. I too am concerned for the truth.

      The news blackout ticks me off too. Maybe , ABS CBN will be more compassionate in treating their news report on homicide or suicide victims. They tend to sensationalize the news. He knows the fiesta that will happen once media get hold of the news. It also makes me suspicious because the police came to his house when evidence was already cleaned up. That is really an obstruction of justice.

  4. just to comment on TF wife’s suicide note. Opinion lang nman po. tingin ko hindi issue yung “po” dun sa letter kasi kami din ng husband ko tawagan namin eh laging me po. It’s just that gusto namin kasi na marinig yun ng mga anak namin so lagi kaming nagpo “po” sa isa’t isa. Hanggang nakasanayan na namin yung tawagan na yun. So malamang ganun din .My children always address us with “po” at “opo”. Naksanayan lang. baka ganun din sila.

    1. attempted suicide eh

      Amid speculations that news anchor Ted Failon , Teodoro Etong in real life, shot his wife, their daughter on Thursday said her mother tried to kill herself due to financial problems.

      “It was a self-inflicted incident. My mother tried to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head,” said Kaye Etong in an interview over dzMM.

  5. this is truly a shocking news.

    foul play or not, what bothers me more (and I’m not saying I’m correct) is what the cops are saying. Remarks such as “he is not off the hook yet” or “if ever he will be relased ay talagang may dahilan” seem to imply that he is already presumed guilty. Parang nabaliktad na, instead of innocent ntil proven guilty, naging guilty until proven innocent. It makes me wonder, what more if the person involved is not a celebrity?

    but then again, I might have read things the wrong way.

    by the way, love your blog posts.

    rhonas last blog post..Your Own Call Center Agent For $500 Per Month

  6. The “cleaning up of the crime scene” is the most intriguing part in all this. Why on earth would they clean up the crime scene if this was all just a suicide attempt. This is just so shocking.

    I wonder if they used Lysol.

  7. my opinion po e,, mukhang may tintago talaga si mr. failon..

    una matalino syang broadcaster at alam nya na hindi dapat galawin ang pinangyarihan ng crimen.. obvious di ba?

    tapos, sabihin na natin na totoo yung sulat.. hindi naman ito suicide note e.. pinakikita lang nito kung gaano sya katakot kay mr. failon.. bakit kaya ganun sya katakot??? siguro nanunutok ng baril to.. at baka natulak ng kapwa.. ahehe..

    habang buhay syang kukunsensyahin kung hindi ilalabas ang totoo.

    1. e kung ang asawa ko naman ang nakita ko sa banyo na may tama ng baril sa ulo, di na ko mag aaksya ng panahon na bilinan ang mga maids ko na wag linisin ang banyo.. wala ng time para sabihin pang “wag niong linisin yan ha, baka mapagbintangan pa tayo”

      1. At hindi mo rin maiisip ang natutulog mong anak sa situation na ang asawa ay nasa bungad ng kamatayan. Normally, hindi mo siya iiwanan, nasa tabi ka niya palagi at nagdarasal na sana siya ay mabuhay.

        Ang ipinagtataka ko rin ay kung bakit umalis sa hospital itong si Ted para alagaan daw ang kanyang anak. Mas importante ba ang natutulog mong anak kaysa asawa mo ng 25 years na nasa bingit ng kamatayan? Kung concerned siya sa anak, pwede naman niyang tawagan ang bahat at sabihan ang mga katulong niya na ilabas muna ang anak niya sa bahay para di niya makita ang nangyari. Yan ang normal na gagawin ng isang tao sa emergency situation na ito. Mas kailangan siya sa hospital, para makapagdesisyon siya kung ano ang gagawin sa kanyang asawa.

        Another thing, bakit siya umalis na nakatakip ang mukha. Maiisip pa naman ng isang normal na ito kahit na celebrity siya na magtakip ng mukha sa ermergency situation na ito. At bakit naman siya nagtakip ng mukha? Para di siya makilala? Bakit, ano kung makilala ka? Mas importante pa ba sa iyo yun?

        Hindi basta basta makakalusot si Ted sa kasong ito.

    1. kaw ang bobo hey mangmang lang ang maglilinis ng crime scene b4 the police sees it idiot! obviously note un ni trina kay ted b4 she left the night before the shooting. tapos umuwi siya ng bahay at saka “nagpakamatay” hayyyyy DO THE MATH not you hey kse di mo kaya ur brain’s too tiny to do it

    1. His wife died at 8:50 PM

      I witnessed 3 revival attempts of 3 family members: my son, my mom and my dad. I just know that brain dead won’t last long. In all those attempts, I always hoped for a miracle.

  8. PNP was so abusive every one was incapacitated that might be the reason why they are not able to call the police every one was jailed because of that… PNP QCPD holding a grudge ON ted because of the negative thing they did in the pass years, this is an abuse

  9. WHOAA!!! SEEMS Everyone wants to be in charged of this case,OBVIOUSLY why everyone or those POLIce officers over reacted on this ,,, The FACT THAT IT HAPPENED TO ONE OFTHE FAMOUS BROADCASTER AND NEWS Anchor MR. TED FAILON. But as usual, what if it happened to an ordinary citizen??? I think it would’nt be this way..right??? Anyway I hope those HELPERS are aware or EDUCATED about this OBSTRUCTIVE OF JUSTICE.

  10. haaaayy kawawa naman ung wife ni ted failon walang kakampi she’s so helpless kse everyone in the family including her own siblings ay kampi kay ted failon. pati ang giant broadcasting company that he works for biased kung mag report. pati dzmm pati new era din they’re all protecting SOMEONE HERE. trina’s sister claims she was witness to the writing of the suicide note! ano un parang “oy i’ll write
    this letter ha be my witness” ni pam para pagtakpan ung bumaril sa
    and IMO its not EVEN a suicide note its just an apology letter na may halong takot sa asawa niya i wonder why she seems so terrified of him! tapos ang new era only called pnp hourssss after the incident. ted went back home to see his daughter daw??? diba instinct mo is to stay by her side until she’s stable? maiisip mo pa bang umuwi nun??? ONE NEED NOT BE A CSI GUY TO FIGURE THIS ALL OUT DUH

    1. the letter sounds really terrifying as if she is scared of Ted Failon. That is my impression. I feel so bad for Trina. And now she is dead. Not even her sister knows the truth behind that letter.

  11. I really think that PNP’s making this such a big issue. The way they arrested Ted Failon, his house helpers and his wife’s relatives is overdone. They are trying too hard to prove that they’re doing their best to solve this case as soon as possible. Nagpapasikat lang sila at hindi nakakatulong sa nangyari sa asawa ni Ted Failon. Let’s just pray for Ted Failon’s wife’s soul and for the family she left behind.

      1. one thing that disgusted me so much was when that mabanag guy who is supposedly a police officer, gave some detailed information to the media. worse was when mabanag showed the “suicide note”, and worst of the worst was when he handed the note to a reporter to be read. that’s when my jaw just dropped. this case is being handled very poorly just by seeing that mabanag video alone.
        however, if mabanag’s objective was to cover up a crime and resorted to a “suicide case”, well, then, by showing a “suicide note” to the public, he’s doing a great job!

      2. another thing, the reenactment of the scene by the maid is not convincing. would a person who is unconscious be sitting up against a wall like that? wouldn’t he be slumped on the floor? did the police interview the people inside the house separately and see if their account of the incident consistent? (just want to know)

        i read a comment here castigating ted of leaving the hospital to take care of his child…in fairness to ted, a person who is in shock can not think logically. i don’t even know what is more logical in that situation anymore – stay with the wife in the hospital and hope that the child is being protected (most especially emotionally) by the maids, or go home and protect his kid while his wife is being taken care of by professionals. personally, i would choose to go home and make sure my child is okay, since i can’t do anything to help the doctors anyway.

  12. “The wife who seems to be the victim who [was] dying seems to be the culprit now the way a television network is weaving the story, mukhang yung asawa pa [ni Failon] ang may kasalanan,” Gonzalez added.

    ano ba to c Mr. Gonzales, secretary of justice or injustice? he seems to imply that Ted Failon is guilty. more than anyone else, he must understand that a person is innocent until proven guilty. hindi lang mga pulis ang bobo pati itong c gonzales, masyadong pa-epal sa media.

  13. time to work!

    who was the last person who saw the wife alive?
    what time did the wife arrive (based on note, she left the house)?
    what time did the husband arrive from the station?
    what time was the last phone conversation between husband and wife?
    what time did the husband leave the radio station?
    did anyone see him arrive?

    did the “kasambahay” from whom he asked for a glass of water saw him arrive from work?
    did he ask for a glass of water just after he arrived from work or was it after he went upstairs to confront his wife?

    did the house helpers clean the toilet and the car on their own initiative?
    did someone order them to do it?

    are there bullet marks in the walls?
    what is the trajectory of the bullet?
    was it a contact shot?

    how many persons are in the house?
    among the persons in the house, who knows where the gun/s are kept?

    who were in the house before the wife’s body was found?
    who were in the house when the wife’s body was found?

    who found the handwritten note?
    where was it found?
    on what kind of paper was it written?
    are there creases on the paper suggesting it has been kept for some time?

    did the “kasambahay” see the gun when they found the sprawled body in the comfort room?

    questions, questions, questions.

    Ms. Jane Marple might have answers but not to these questions. She might come up with her hunches and follow the lead to pin down the culprit.

    Poirot will investigate.

  14. May pagkatanga talaga yang si Gonzales. Dapat masanay na ang mga tao sa mga comments nyang walang kwenta kasi wala namang magandang lumalabas sa bibig nun. Let’s just ignore him. One day he’ll get what he deserves. He should know how to filter his words kasi he’s a public servant and even though to me wala namang epekto yung mga sinasabi nya pero sympre dun sa ibang taong medyo tatanga tanga rin meron or dun sa taong tinutukoy nya masakit yun.

  15. … all possibility must be consider.. Hindi porke na yung involve ay ma-impluwensya or credible or mabait or matulungin or respetadong tao ay i-conclude na kaagad na suicide… of course we need to prove it beyond reasonable doubt… kaya nga wala pang conclusion yung invistigation eh…

    Sa ABS-CBN naman sana hindi naman kayu parang one-sided lang.. Don’t be too obvious. Let’s be fair.. ask the opinion and statements of both sides including sa mga updates sa mga nakalap na evidences…

    …basta as of this moment, it’s very early to conclude.
    We still don’t conclude na it’s suiicide talaga,
    and we still don’t conclude na it has a foul play…
    the invistigation is still on-going and we all want the truth.. (beyond reasonable doubt)

  16. well obviously gigipitn at gagantahin si ted dahil binira na nya ang mga taong nasa likod ng pagmamanipula ng mga pangyayaari kung ganito pala ang uri ng pagiimbestiga bakit hindi inimbestigahan ang mga mga pagpapakamatay ni marky cielo at rico yan nung araw o di kaya’y pag suicide dw ng anak ni miriam defensor santiago???? bkit nakuhang manahimik at hindi kinalkal ang ganitong uri ng pagpapatiwakal ano ba nman yan e mas me foul play pa nga sila eh!!! kung tutuusin isa pa tong si mico sotto ng tumalon daw ng bldg e bkit di naimbestigahan malay nyo tinulak ni oyo boy e katabi sha nun ah ni hindi nga na autopsy me mga kapulisan ba nun involved!!! eh si rico yan at marky cielo nakuha pa pagtakpan na kesyo bangungut daw ano bkit di nila isiwalat ng nagpatiwakal nga? e ang anak ni sen miriam true kya na nagpakamatay un e bka minurder nga ng ina wahahahaha well iba talga system onli in da phil ganito uri ng justice kaya sa mga mgsuicide jan cguraduhin na malinis mg suicide ng hindi mapagbintangan ang mga iiwan bwat anggulo at kibot tgnan muna ng husto hehehe

  17. There may be a grain of truth that it’s really a suicide attempt since Pam (sister of Trina) was there and testified that she was also there when her Sister was writing the suicide note. Aside from that the “po” was really a habit of Trina since a text message (Pam showed on TV) she gave Pam, have “po” also. It maybe not true that Ted did it since Pam on the first place would be angry at Ted if Ted committed the crime, but she said that Ted wasn’t there yet (he’s at DZMM doing his radio program) when her sister committed suicide. Aside from that speculations of the Police like they (Ted and Trina) we’re fighting and that Ted had scratches was just insinuaions since the Doctors found nothing (scratches or any sign of physical volence) on Ted. The househelps also were not told to clean up the crime scene but did so on instinct (even if they didn’t knoe the consequences) because they didn’t want the youngest daughter to see the gory sight and know what happened to her Mom. It was only later at the hospital where she knew about what happened. Ted was interviewed by Ces Drilon and was given some question about some speculations which I know is hurting him and he just said “I don’t need to defend myself”. In times like this, people should be sensitive to even spare the family because what happened to them was really painful enough.The family was left with a heavy burden by Trina’s passing I hope that people would STOP spreading Nasty rumors with NO basis that would not help solve the case. Instead let’s PRAY that the family will carry on with what was left of them.


    (Updated 04/17/2009 10:30 a.m.) MANILA, Philippines – The wife of ABS-CBN news anchor Ted Failon, Trinidad Arteche Etong, tested negative for gunpowder burns but the results are still inconclusive on the circumstances surrounding her shooting, investigators from the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) said Friday.
    In an exclusive interview with GMA News’ Arnold Clavio over GMA News’ Unang Hirit, QCPD Crime Laboratory office head Dr. Filemon Porciuncula said that the paraffin tests conducted on Etong’s both hands on Thursday night yielded negative results.
    “Base po sa ginawang paraffin examination ng aming chemist, lumabas po sa resulta na negative po sa gunpowder burns yung kaniyang parehong kamay, yung left and right,” Porciuncula said.
    [Based on the paraffin examination conducted by our chemist, the results yielded negative results for gunpowder burns on her both hands.]
    Etong succumbed to cranial injury, disseminated intravascular coagulation, and subsequent multi-organ failure about 8:50 p.m. Thursday at the New Era General Hospital in Quezon City. She had been fighting for her life since Wednesday.
    Porciuncula said that the test results could indicate the possibility that someone else might have shot Etong.
    “Nagpapahiwatig po ito na mayroong porsiyento na ‘di siya (Etong) nagpaputok ng baril [This could increase the chances that she did not pull the trigger],” Porciuncula said.
    But QCPD Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDU) head Senior Superintendent Franklin Moises Mabanag said that the latest development would not automatically rule out the possibility that Etong might have shot herself.
    “Kahit na negative, ‘di pa rin maiko-conclude na suicide nga ito or mayroon isang tao na siya ang dahilan (ng pagkakabaril),” Mabanag said in the same interview with Clavio.
    [Despite the negative results, we cannot conclude yet that it is a case of suicide or someone else pulled the trigger.]

    All negative
    On Thursday, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) head Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales said Failon also tested negative in the paraffin test, but said the results are still “inconclusive.”
    In a separate radio interview on Friday, Mabanag told radio dzBB anchor Mike Enriquez that Failon’s three house helpers and their driver – Pacifico Apacible, Carlota Morbos, Wilfreda Bolliser and Glen Polan – were found negative for gunpowder burns.
    “Negative po lahat [They were all tested negative],” Mabanag said.
    Despite this, everyone within the house remains either a suspect or a witness, he said.
    “Lahat po ng nasa loob ng bahay na yon ay pwedeng testigo at suspek na iisa ang kalagayan. Ang ibig namin pong sabihin, wala naman po sigurong ibang magpu-pull ng trigger kundi ang biktima lamang o ang mga tao na nasa bahay na yun,” he said.
    [Everyone in the house may be suspect or a witness, they are all on the same standing. What we mean is that there is probably no one else who pulled the trigger except for the victim or someone else in the house.]

  19. @ Jandy

    Maraming dahilan ang pag iyak. pwedeng sobrang nasaktan sya sa mga nangyayari o baka naman naguiguilty na kung sya man ang bumaril sa asawa nya???

    What to focus here is bakit kailangang linisin ang banyo? at ang mga ebidensya na pwede makitaan ng tunay na ngyari.

    Ted is a wise guy tama, madami nsya alam sa mga gantong case at alam nya na sa EVIDENCE kadalasan makikita tunay na nangyari. . .

    Bkit nya pinalinis? kung ako man nasa lagay nya, di ko na maiisip ipalinis yun. all i need to do is to save kung sino victim db? At if i really care sa nangyari sasabihin ko na wag nyo gagalawin o lilinisin ang crime scene para malaman kung ano tlga ngyari…

    Kung care lang sa anak nya na maliit pa ang iniisip nya, all he need to do lang is to tell sa kasambahay nya na wag ilapit or ilayo nila ang bata baka makita . . .

    Pero hindi eh, the first thing talaga is to save the victim eh . . pero ano gnwa nya? saka magulo ang mga time ng testimonies nila.

    For Pam, parang ang labo padin ng testimonies nya kung ibabased sa ibang testimonies. . .

    tama ba? . . .

  20. Take heart people….Everybody even Ted Failon deserves to grieve so let him be. If you don’t have anything good to say, better keep your mouth shut. Besides put yourself in Ted’s shoes, what if a love one eg. a child who died on an accident, or a parent (who’s sick) died suddenly because of an accident also, then somebody will accused you that you we’re “pabaya” or you killed the person because you were there even if the truth is you did not do anything. How would you feel? Let’s not judge him ok? As they say “Innocent until proven guilty”. You can say “malabo”, or confusing because you were not the one in their situation. But if you were the one in their situation, I doubt if you could still think clearly and speak coherently.

  21. at Jedz to quote: “Bkit nya pinalinis? kung ako man nasa lagay nya, di ko na maiisip ipalinis yun. all i need to do is to save kung sino victim db? At if i really care sa nangyari sasabihin ko na wag nyo gagalawin o lilinisin ang crime scene para malaman kung ano tlga ngyari…”

    Weren’t you watching the news? He was not the one who told his helpers to clean the scene but the Helpers just act on instinct to quote “kusang loob po naming nilinis” said one of them because the youngest daughter might see what happened to her Mother. Ted on the other hand foccus on his wife and was shock for awhile before took action to carry his wife to the hospital. Pam said “nauna akong lumapit kay Nay si Kuya nakatayo lang at tiningnan si Ate” because he was in shock by what he saw. It was Pam who first touch her sister since she was the first one to arrived on the house. But since the door was locked naabutan pa siya ni Ted and sabay nilang pinabuksan ang pinto with one of the helpers na mali pa talaga ang unang susi na nabitbit.Please pay attention to the details.

    1. pay closer attention to the details and use common sense. anyone who would believe that the maids initiated the cleaning of the bathroom AND the car used to bring the victim to the hospital clearly is CLUELESS! duh! and why bother go back home after bringing the dying wife to the hospital??? got some “cleaning” to do?

      1. Weren’t you watching the news too? If that is your opinion so be it. As to why bother going home after bringing the wife to the hospital this is my opinion and think about this. Can Ted do anything about the situation? Maybe for him he’s not needed anymore and it’s up to the doctors now to do their work. Going home looking after a child who might wake up and see the blood in the bathroom is one of his concerns so maybe he was thinking he should go home quickly to explain to her about what happened to her Mom. You would do the sme if you were Ted would you? So he didn’t know yet that the scene was cleaned as some people are insinuating he told the helpers to do so since he is rushing home thinking that the scene hasn’t been cleaned yet. Gets?

  22. I cannot understand why our police is still using the paraffin gun powder residue test? There is spray invented by Americans which cost only 187 dollars and is easy and effective up to smallest amount of gun powder on the skin.

    Etong and wife are negative for gun powder residues, therefore another person committed the crime.

    The police probably knows something we and the media do not know.

    It will be a very shocking unfolding story.


  23. @ james here’s the update of the issue. I watched the news and Trina’s friend said days before the suicide happened she (Tina)confided to them that she have a financial problem. It pertains to her credit card debt and also to their Time deposit that cost millions and was entrusted to her by Ted that is slowly depleting but they didn’t state why. So if it’s true that she’s gambling then maybe it’s one of the reasons why. Now my opinion on this is that, on her part that’s why it’s really a burden for her and that’s why on her suicide note she stated “Kasi hindi ko po kayang at nahihiya po ako sayo humarap.” it might be because she used all the money for that.If it’s true that she’s gambling or other things and was so ashamed of the deed that she brought to the family especially to Ted since Ted is the sole breadwinner (even if she has a business). Maybe she’s afraid of what Ted’s reaction would be if he finds out about what happened to his hard earned money.

  24. I don’t think the household help will clean the toilet and the car without the order of Ted. Are you saying they did on their own as if nothing had happened? If they were afraid the daughter would see it, the most logical thing to do is to take the daughter out of the house. Ted’s actuation in the hospital was strange. Why was a sleeping daughter more important that taking care of a wife in the throes of death? Do you think a normal husband would still think of his sleeping daughter more than his wife for 25 years who needed for attention at that time? Another thing, someone spotted Ted wearing surgical mask? Why? Why would he still think of hiding his face in this emergency situation. Was he afraid that he would be recognized? Why did he instruct the hospital not give information on his wife’s situation? Do you think a normal person has the time to think on this thing given an emergency situation?

    Explain these to me, please.

    1. I don’t think the household help will clean the toilet and the car without the order of Ted.

      ANSWER: Instinct ata sa mga katulong that if the area is dirty it should be cleaned. Automatic na yan sa kanila di ba? Di naman nila alam ang batas sa mga ganyan.How could Ted ask them to clean it since the news stated that he was foccus on bringing the wife to the hospital? If you were in shock di ka na siguro makakaisip na ipalinis ang kalat at ang gagawin mo is pupulutin asawa mo at dadalhin sa hospital.

      Are you saying they did on their own as if nothing had happened? If they were afraid the daughter would see it, the most logical thing to do is to take the daughter out of the house.

      ANSWER: Right if they have the same thinking as you. And they have the sensibility like you. Like what the driver said in the interview he is ignorant about the law. Kung alam lang nya na bawal pala linisin ang dugo sa kotse pagkatapos dalhin ang amo niya sa hospital at magkakasala siya sa batas sana di na niya nilinis. Same as the helpers whos thinking is just to protect the youngest daughter.

      Ted’s actuation in the hospital was strange. Why was a sleeping daughter more important that taking care of a wife in the throes of death? Do you think a normal husband would still think of his sleeping daughter more than his wife for 25 years who needed for attention at that time?

      ANSWER: Eto di ko to masasagot because I did not saw it on the news lumabas kasi ako. In my opinion na lang, if you were in his shoes maybe you would also do the same baka kasi pag gising ng anak, ma shock sa makita at ma traumatize eh bata pa kasi. Kaya pinoprotektahan din niya na hindi malaman. Opinion ko lang po yan.

      Another thing, someone spotted Ted wearing surgical mask? Why? Why would he still think of hiding his face in this emergency situation.

      ANSWER: Have you seen the news lately about them? Di ba pinagpipiyestahan na sila? Para maiwasan ang mga ususero at usoserang reporters syempre alam nya yan kasi work niya nasa media. He is not yet on his right frame of mind. Kahit ako man nasa sitwasyon nya ganyan din gagawin ko kasi ayaw ko munang makausap maski sino. I need time to be alone ika nga nila.

      Why did he instruct the hospital not give information on his wife’s situation?

      ANSWER: They need privacy of course. sa yo man mangyari yon ayaw mo munang pag usapan ang kalagayan ng asawa mo. In time naman kapag bumuti na kalagayan or kung ano man mangyari pag uusapan din di ba? Maybe it’s too early to tell or yo know media minsan iniexxagerate pag may statement kang ginawa or gumagawa ng storya na di angkop sa nangyayari ma misquote pa siya.

      Do you think a normal person has the time to think on this thing given an emergency situation?

      ANSWER: Pressured nga siya at stress out pa kaya let’s give him a break! He can’t think straight he’s not in his right frame of mind.

  25. Lesson learned: If ever you are thinking of ending your life, think about those people who will be left behind because you’ll never know, they might be the one who will carry the responsibilty of your actions instead of just you.

  26. To those who are saying that this a simple suicide, read this:

    Let’s start with the simple question, weapon of choice of suicide was a gun?
    Do women use this for suicide? NO! If you’ve read books about suicidology then you will see women don’t kill themselves this way. They choose less violent means like drug overdose, poisoning, etc.
    What’s the point of entry according to SOCO? Right side. Trina was left handed. I chose SOCO’s findings against New era’s because this is SOCO’s field of expertise.
    Suicide with guns are mostly done through close contact, what does the evidence show of the gun powder residue(GSR)? If close contact the GSR would only be found around the temple but there were GSR found on her hair. That is not possible on a close contact shot but is possible on a shot fired from a distance where GSR would still reach her.

    And kung suicide nga lang, is there a need for you to do all of these? Answer the questions.
    1. Why did Ted have to order my helpers to clean the room, car?
    2. Why did Ted fail to give his gun immediately to the police? Why was it already clean when it reached the police?
    3. Why did Ted, who has the knowledge of the law as a former congressman touch the gun at the crime scene?
    4. Why did Ted has to cover his face with a surgical mask to leave the hospital and leave his dying wife just to go home? What’s more important at home than his dying wife?
    5. Why did Ted did not give his wife’s cellphone immediately to the police?
    6. Why didTed order his driver and helpers not to say anything to the police?
    7. Why did Ted hide the original dress worn by the victim? She was dying and why did he have to replace her dress instead of just sending her immediately to the hospital?

  27. We can all keep on speculating what happened but the bottom line, Ted lost his wife in a gruesome way. Kaye and Krish lost their mother. Let’s sit, pray and watch the drama. Our unending blabbers won’t do us or them any good so it’s better to shut up and watch from a distance.

  28. Question @ amoringis: Given that it’s not…sige baliktadin natin ang sitwasyon ikaw si Ted at alam mong inosente ka unless proven guilty gugustuhin mo ba mangyari sa yo lahat ng napagdaanan niya ngayon? Imbes na magkaraoon ka ng katahimikan para naman magdalamhati sa asawa mong namatay? Gugustuhin mo bang pagpiyestahan ka at paratangan ng kung ano-ano?

  29. my take on the case and in answer to the above post:

    1. i heard from the news that she had already hinted that she has plans to take her own life and that she wanted this in such a way na hinde talaga sya mabubuhay so that could be the reason why she made us of the gun

    2. Like what the helpers mentioned, walang nag-utos sa kanila. I think it was automatic on their part (to clean the house and the car) otherwise the driver would not have shown regret for cleaning the car. If Ted was in the hospital, ano naman ang gagawin ng mga helpers sa bahay? Syempre hinde naman nila iisipin na, hayaan ko na muna yung mga dugo dugo at baka may mag imbestiga. What they would naturally do is clean up the mess kasi (a) baka magmantsa (b) baka mangamoy (c) baka makita nung bunsong anak ni Ted (d) madumi e

    3-5. Ted might have been at a loss on what to do. Let us not forget that people who commit suicide, including their relatives, are usually shunned by other people.

    6 & 7. I never heard that part from the news so I don’t know what to say

    I have two theories on this matter – suicide or homicide but definitely not by Ted Failon. I think the only thing that he is guilty of is obstruction of justice but we also have to understand that his wife is in a critical condition, one in which survival is next to zero. when you are faced with a situation like this, your mind tends to go blank. When my grandfather died (expected but not fully accepted at that time), I and my sister-in-law’s mind went completely blank that we went around dialing hospitals and asking how to dispose a dead body. If the police had heard us, they might have assumed that we had just killed someone.

    rhonas last blog post..Your Own Call Center Agent For $500 Per Month

  30. @ planner

    Ted i think is immune na sa mga ganyang scene, but maybe shocked talaga sya sa nangyri pero bakit wala sya ginawa? dahil shocked sya? NO! madami na sya nadaanan na ganyang case based on sa pagiging broadcaster nya at alam nya ang dapat nyang gawin… ang labo padin eh,you’re just standing there not doing something? of course if he is aware sa nangyari after ng nangyari ano ginawa nya? diba dapat sinabihan nya mga kasama nya sa house na “wag nyo gagalawin yung room or car” dahil dun makakakita ng evidence what really happened, like what jedz said on his or her comment above.
    OK sige di nya nasabihan mga kasama nya sa bahay pero Nagalit ba sya nung nilinis yun, eh no comment sya sa paglinis eh, kung ako yun, di kaya pagisipan ko mga kasama ko sa bahay? maiisip mo yun sa gulo ng sitwasyon pero wala, no comment sa paglinis ng room na alam nya na pwedeng pag na i investigate ng soco eh makakakita ng evidence.. . kung ikaw si Ted ano magiging reaction mo dito, na nawala yung pwede maging source o kakitaan ng tunay ngyari? di ba pumasok sa isip mo na baka pinatay yung asawa mo?

    Kung ako yun after ko dalhin sa ospital i will ask or call mga kasama ko sa bahay agad kung ano talaga nangyari habang wala ako diba? pero di sya ako. what the reason ng pagbalik nya? para sa anak nyang maliit? no, a call is enough to tell anyone at home na please check yung anak ko or any concern needed to do at home iuutos ko nalang, & i will not leave my wife sa hospital.

    the problem of trina, wag ng alamin. thats private. pero ito ang makakasagot din kung nagpakamatay ba tlga sya o pinatay sya dahil dun? . . no one can answer that kasi patay na eh. all na natira na evidence ang makakasagot nyan. . . kung di lang nilinis yung area.

    tama lang makasuhan ang mga kasama sa bahay sa paglinis ng area.

    OO di nila alam or di nila sadya paglinis dun. . . pero bigyan kita ng sample kunyari naka sagasa ka, kasalanan nung tumawid sino padin mali? kahit di mo sadya ngyari at nakalagay dun bawal tumawid at kaw nakasagasa pwede ka padin makulong. same of the case think of it logically.

    Pero still the question is? pinatay ba sya o nagpakamatay. sa natirang evidence nlng is yung place ng baril. at yung tama ng bala sa room. lets wait for it. . . still a ted is innocent. pero kung sya tlga damay lahat ng kasama nya.

    In this kind of situation . .

    “A servant will not do anything unless he or she didn’t get any instruction from his or her master.”

    Come to think of it WISELY . . . .

    1. @ Dawn quiting you “Ted i think is immune na sa mga ganyang scene, but maybe shocked talaga sya sa nangyri pero bakit wala sya ginawa? dahil shocked sya? NO! madami na sya nadaanan na ganyang case based on sa pagiging broadcaster nya at alam nya ang dapat nyang gawin… ang labo padin eh,you’re just standing there not doing something?’

      Point taken. He is immune on this matters kasi yung mga napagdaanan naman niya like what you said is HINDI SA KANYA nangyari. Iba pa rin yung ikaw na mismo ang naka experience ng ganon. I try mo kaya ma experience ang ganito baka magbago din ang pananaw mo. Can’t you see? He’s trying to put a brave front for the sake of his daughters. But when he is alone hindi natin alam kung gaano siya ka weak. Pag ikaw na nag nasa sitwasyon na ganyan iba na ang mangyayari. Like when yo’re watching teleseryes sa TV di ba insan nanggigigil tayo sa heroine or sa kung sino man ang naaapi at nasasaktan at lagi natin sinasabi na ang Tanga naman niya dapat ganito ginawa. Kasi nga nanonood ka lang at madaling sabihin pero kung ikaw na yon masasabi mo rin na parang nasa teleserye din buhay mo at di mo ubos maisip na isang araw ay mangyayari din ito sa yo kaya huwag tayong magsasalita ng patapos.

  31. ako ay taga mindanao at ako ay taga subaybay sa xxx at naniniwala po ako nawalang kasalanan si ted failon and its really a suicide cguro hindi makayanan ng asawa ni ted ang nagawang mali sa pag-ubos ng pira na pinag hirapan nilang mag-asawa kasi kitang nga babae mas emotional nato when its come to prob.mas madali nating maka isip na magpakamatay nalang to solve the problem kasi nagawa ko na rin sa sarili ko na magpakamatay dahil na financial problem kaya lang naagapan ako an i have given a second chance to live again. at sa case ng asaw ni ted it just happen na when she commet suiside binawian siya ng pls lang tigilan niyo na ho ang paninira ni ted.dahil sa isang pamilya natural lang na mag away ang isang mag asawa malay bay ni ted na magpapakamatay ang asawa niya kaysa sabihin ang nagawa niyang mali…kay nanawagan po ako sa lahat ng ating kababayan na sana tulongan natin si ted at ang pamilya niya dahil base sa nakita natin talagang gumaganti lang nga pulis kay ted dahil sa trabaho niya kay hinahanapan nila ng butas si ted…nandito kaming mga taga suporta mo ted.

  32. @ chilou

    Why do help Ted?
    Wag natin tingnan pagiging Broadcaster nya. Kung nangyari ba yan sa ordinary na tao ganyan din magiging rection natin?

    He is not yet proven inocent nor the one who kill his wife?
    lets wait for the investigation na talagang mahihirapan dahil sa lack of evidence na sana accident lang tlga ang pagkakalinis pero kung sinadya, magaling ang nagplano nyan…

    I’m not accusing Ted, just a question lang na talagang magtatanong ka kung talagang sinusubaybayan mo maigi at tumtakbo isip mo fairly. napaka mysterious ng nangyari. lets look also for the other angle. wag tau magbase sa news masyado. mapa ABS CBN man yan or GMA or kahit ano pang network…

    Pero don’t forget na pwede kang maging malinis sa mata ng tao or sa batas pero sa mata ng Diyos di makakalusot ang mga taong nakagawa talaga ng pagkakamali.

    Im not Anti – Ted nor a pro. kanya kanya lang opinion yan na hanggat di malinaw eh madami tulad ko ang pwede magcomment ng ganto . . .

    just a comment. . . peace tayong lahat 😀

    Lalabas din ang totoo sa huli.

  33. Parang ganyan din pinagdaanan ko with my late dad. My dad was murdered in front of me and my brother. Killer was using a gun with a silencer. No witness, no physical evidence left by the killer. For weeks, me and my brother were considered suspects for the murder of our own dad. Good thing the friend of the killer came out and helped us with our defense and eventually filed a lawsuit against the killer (his friend), him being the witness. Anyway, all turned out well and the killer is now serving life at munti. My analysis of this event, based on what i went through during the trials of the murder of my dad, is that Ted Failon has too many questionable acts before/during/after the incident that fuels this controversy. He’s not the case of a guilty person, he’s more like a case of an inconsistent person resulting to leading questions (eventually implying his guilt). You are all arguing based on personal experiences and “if-you-were-in-his-shoe” scenarios, it’s so simple, those won’t cut inside court. What’s important are the statements of the witnesses, the consistency of these statements, and lab results. Mr. Failon is in trouble at this point since he has given statements that are not consistent with his helpers (i.e. timeline). His actions are open to interpretation (resulting to doubt). Initial lab result is also suggesting foul play. Also, please stop saying that Ted Failon’s helpers doesn’t have a clue of the law and acted automatic in cleaning the scenes. That’s plain BS, for one, ignorance is not an excuse for absolution. They could all be very well arrested for obstruction of justice right now if their only excuse is that it’s their instinct to clean since it’s their job. Also, if Mr. Failon ordered them to clean up the scene in protection of their kid’s mental welfare, again, that is too questionable. An act so logical at a point where anyone would simply loose their minds even for a person such as Mr. Failon. My mother, as strong as she was, was at a brink of mental retardism due to traumatic experience after my Dad was killed, according the the doctors, what my mother was going through was perfectly normal clinically. As for Ted Failon’s case, again, it’s not the case that the evidences are pointing towards him, it’s a case of him digging up his own grave because of his own actions. Too many questions. And i really found it particulary wierd that he left his wife in the hospital for his kid back at home…that’s ridiculously questionable. If he was at a distrought as everyone is defending him to be during that time, he would not have had the presence of mind to do that. Too inconsistent. Heck, during the time my dad was killed, i wanted to die to with him right there and then, that’s how i felt…couldn’t walk…couldn’t talk…no motor skills whatsoever, more so mentally. So it just bothers me that Mr. Failon’s act seem too “logical” for a guy who has his wife dying (now dead). All these are speculations, but these speculations are usable in court if backed-up by a phycologist for expert opinion stand. I wish Mr. Failon all the luck in the world, and my deepest condolenses to the whole Etong family.

  34. Tama ka jan EVO!!!! 😀

    Wag kayo mag base on sa pagiging broadcaster nya. . .

    Come to think on the other side. Come to think logically. no one is perfect nakung ano nakikita nyo sa kanya sa TV eh ganun na din sya behind.

    Ung act nya at testimonies nya ang napaka questionable dun. pati testimonies ng lahat ng nasa bahay compare sa kanya is di tugma. tama lang na nagkaroon agad ng on the spot na interview sa kanila para dun palang makita na kung tama yung sagot nila. pero wala eh di sila parepareho. . . dun palang sa pagpapakuha ng susi magkaiba na ng salaysay sila ted at kasama nya bahay eh.. .

    wala pa bang latest update jan 😀

  35. Ang alam ko hindi si ted ang nagpalinis ng crime scene. Personal decision yun ng maid nya. Dahil may 12-year old na bata sa bahay, ang bunsong anak ni Ted Failon. Isipin nyo na lang kung gano ka-traumatic ang pwedeng ma-experience ng bata kung nakita nya yun.

  36. well then people that was just our opinions and we respect your opinions too. But the matter here is let them grieve. That’s it! As Jesus said “whoever have no sin cast the first stone.”

  37. @ dawn here’s the latest update:

    Failon’s wife told close friends of suicide plan

    ——————————————————————————– | 04/17/2009 6:37 PM

    Printer-friendly version | Send to friend

    A major financial problem pushed Trinidad “Trina” Arteche-Etong, wife of broadcaster Ted Failon, to commit suicide, two of her close friends said on Friday.

    Speaking to ABS-CBN News in Greenhills, San Juan, two of Trina’s close friends, Joy Tan and Jackie Bartolome, said that just this month she confessed to them that in three years, she used up all the money the Etong couple put in a time deposit account amounting to millions of pesos.

    They said Trina did not divulge any more details about the problem, but this problem, the two friends believe, led their friend to take her life.

    The two friends, who have known the couple for ten years, said that the confession came after they noticed that the usually jolly Trina appeared to have become depressed.

    They also said that Etong had on several occasions told them that she would commit suicide, but they did not take those threats seriously, since they saw her as a religious person.

    “Gusto na niyang magpakamatay, pero naalaala niya na graduation pala ni Karishma (Trina and Ted’s youngest daughter) noong April 4 kaya after na lang daw,” Lim recounted.

    On the day before the incident, Trina visited her, and she advised Trina to tell Ted the truth. However, she insisted she felt very ashamed for what she had done to their savings.

    “‘Pag nawalan daw kasi ng trust sa kanya, mabuti pa mamatay na lang siya,” Lim recounted.

    Joy and Jackie also said they are disappointed that Trina’s husband is “seemingly” being pinned down by police as the prime suspect in her death.

    “Naiinis at galit kami sa pulis. Walang foul play dito. Mahal ko si Trina kaya hindi pupwedeng pagtakpan si Ted kung may kinalaman siya, pero wala talaga,” Bartolome said.

    They said that in the ten years they have known the couple, they have never seen Ted hurt anyone in his family physically or verbally.

    They are hoping that their revelations would dispel any doubts or rumors behind Trina’s death.

    They also repeatedly told ABS-CBN News that they have no motive to lie or cover up anything or anyone by their revelations. — With a report from Jing Castañeda, ABS-CBN News

  38. @ walangalam and dawn..I’ll be praying that this will not happen to you.
    @evo I’ll be praying also na hindi mauit ang nangyari sa yo.

    People take heed…” Law of Karma prevails”

  39. @ planner
    Don’t take it personally, this is a tag board. . .

    but as you’ve said . ..

    i hope that it will not also happen to you . . .
    kahit not same incident, but any kind of incident na walang makuha evidence to prove what really happened . . .:D

    Peace 😀


    These phones will be very crucial in the investigation.

    But . . . .. siguradong useless na if surrendered by Larry Etong.

    Bakit . . .. . . He will erase all things that are will bring shame to himself and her wife.

    He did not necessarily or directly killed her wife . . . .

    VERBAL ABUSE did it . . . Trina was pushed to the limit to kill herself.

    I experienced this 5 years ago, my husband has verbally abused me non stop for about a month. I was on the verge of killing myself with poison.

    Okey na kami ngayon simula ng maging born again ang husband ko.

    1. I think suspicions are raised against Ted because of the “sorry note”. Trina seemed so scared of Ted. I felt so sad reading her note. People can’t help speculating on Ted’s direct or indirect participation.

  41. … if your love one was shot and fighting for his/her life, you wont leave his/her side. ted couldve just called some relatives to take care of his youngest daughter.
    … if you dont want your daughter to see the blood, lock the doors. and dont let her use the pajero. simple math.
    … women dont use gun to commit suicide. men use guns, women use pills or something less messy and brutal.
    … trina is left handed, bullet entry is right temple
    … why would trina blast her brains out in her daughter’s room? why not were he found the gun, their room?
    … why ted ask the katulong “halika, samahan mo ako” pagpunta sa kwarto?
    … you dont clean up crime scene specially if its suicide, Ted knows that. unless they are covering up something.
    … a maid wont even dare touch blood and the gun if not instructed.

    remember, everybody lies. evidence dont lie, cant be bribed and not bias.

    reading that sorry letter, sounds more like a daughter asking sorry to papa. *winks*

  42. ted failon is guilty all the way for me, you know common he planned it this, first his a former congressman and a news anchor he’s a educated man and know’s a way to get away with anything even murder you know what im saying. all im saying that i hope forensic experts can figure it out what really happend there’s gonna be a clue somewhere. i don’t like people getting away with murder especially the people that can twist around everything so they can cover up whatever they did, people that have power to people like ted, a congressman and a news anchor. i dont think the crime scene happend in the bathroom or maybe it did but its already had clened up all evidence. if the forensic expert look closely and study what happend they would find a clue or evidence that can put ted failon to the court. i hope they don’t stop searching for clue and evidence. it so sad what happend to her the note said she was scared of something maybe to her husband that might kill her but she did not mention it to a letter. i think if they fight and argue it was so fast things get out of control ted shoot his wife he panic and left her body in the bathroom and he goes to work for alibi. he’s a smart guy but i hope the forensic expert are smarter than him.

  43. More questions:

    How many guns does Ted Failon own?

    Does he carry this gun always?

    Did he bring this particular gun when he reported for work on the morning of the shooting incident?

    Why did the wife have to write a note when she can text her husband?

    Does Ted Failon normally wear a hat?

    If he did this only after the shooting of his wife, it indicates he is trying to shield himself from being totally exposed, a contradiction to his being used to the limelight as a TV news anchor and program host.

    Poirot is not getting any conclusive evidence so far.

    Calling Miss Jane Marple!

  44. News story: “Failon will kill himself because of you people.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :0

    Go ahead Ted Etong kill youself! I could see you getting married within a

  45. sana naman ND NABABAYARAN ANG HUSTISYA SA PINAS …sana LUMABAS na ano ang TUNAY na nangyari that FAITHFUL DAY OF APRIL 15..ang kawawa d2 ay ang mga anak ..

  46. Media critics score ABS-CBN coverage

    By Alcuin Papa
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 03:43:00 04/24/2009

    Filed Under: Ted Failon, Media, Police, Suicide, Crime

    MANILA, Philippines—When reporting about a “Kapamilya” caught in a personal tragedy and a legal fix, how did ABS-CBN fare in the eyes of media industry critics?

    For Vergel Santos, veteran journalist and chair of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), the broadcast giant showed “a fraternal bias” for its top news anchor Ted Failon in its coverage of his wife’s violent death and the ensuing police investigation.

    ABS-CBN seemed to have adopted a policy of questioning everything that the police said, according to CMFR Executive Director Melinda Quintos de Jesus.

    This led to a “polarization” between Failon’s family and the authorities. “So the viewer could not decide what made sense in the incident.”

    Luis Teodoro, former dean of the University of the Philippines’ College of Mass Communication, shared the view: “It was a bit overdone especially on the part of ABS-CBN. There were stories that were repeated.”

    Failon (born Mario Teodoro Failon Etong) was tagged as one of the suspects by the Quezon City police early in its investigation into the death of his wife Trinidad Etong.

    Trinidad was found shot in the head inside the Etongs’ Quezon City home on April 15. She died in the hospital a day later.

    This is very true, pati ang mga blood relatives ni Trina hinarang ng ABS CBN sa lamay ng kadugo nila. This complaint comes from a direct blood relative . . . galit sila sa ABS CBN pati na kay Larry Etong.

  47. This case is fishy.
    They’ve clean it. Yeah they’ve reasons but its not enuf,they dont think of what may happen.
    T. Failon is holding the housekeepers from talkin`!
    Hello,ur too obvious.
    Even a half-minded bird-brain can sense that hes hiding something from everyone.

    Smooth work, but not so clean.
    It’s not SUICIDE.
    If it is, SHE IS GOIN TO H*LL…
    tsk,she should havent took her own life.

  48. Let me tell you about investigative reporters and commentators my friends.They are well opinionated people, they are very critical of many things. Ted Failon was ultra critical of Police Work and Scams. Their opinions are not only shared on TV, radio and print — They are also shared with their constant companions- their household which includes helpers and family members (wife is foremost). I remember one driver of a lawyer who in their impoverished neighborhood became the de-facto lawyer because he happens to ‘eavesdrop’ most of his boss’s affair and had the chance to chat with him on some occassions (mostly inside the car on the way to work).

    Now these househelpers may not be that ignorant about the law and its processes, don’t you think? Clean the crime scene and blame ignorance? Nevertheless, there is an old adage that goes “Ignorance is not an excuse”. How about that alleged financial scam, the wifey got involved into? Don’t you think the wife of an investigative reporter should know more than the average housewife. The scam (or gambling) is a very lame excuse IMO, Mr. Etong talks about it as if he doesn’t know a thing or two about his wife’s business dealings (or gambling habit). What I am saying is that- If it is suicide, it is not a simple case of suicide and If it is parricide, it is not also a simple case of parricide. The ‘suicide letter’ contents seem to defend the “lefty housewife” theory. People have reasons to doubt…

  49. [quote author=nogi link=topic=133961.msg1824180#msg1824180 date=1240527294]
    para sakin, binabalikan lang ng mga [avocado] police sina ted.. napakamali ng way nila na pagdakip sa mga kamaganak ni mrs. etong, kahit mismo mga head sa pnp sinabi na d dapat ganun ang gnwa ng mga police, malinaw na malinaw na suicide tlga un nangyare, mismo mga kpatid at anak na mismo ang nagsabi..saka un paglilinis nun scene ng crime, d naman inutus ni ted, kagad nilinis ng mga katulong kasi ayaw ipakita sa minor nilang anak.. saka me problema mabigat si mrs. ni ted kaya nagawa nya magsuicide, sobrang nadepress sya.. nagpapaimpress lang mga qc police.. kundi lang kilala un tao na kasangkot, d man sila magaganyan..heheheh

    let me tell you about investigative reporters my friend (yes he is an investigative reporter). They are well opinionated people, they are very critical of many things. Ted Failon was ultra critical of Police Work and Scams. Their opinions are not only shared on TV, radio and print — They are also shared with their constant companions- their household which includes helpers and family members (wife is foremost). I remember one driver of a lawyer who in their impoverished neighborhood became the de-facto lawyer because he happens to ‘eavesdrop’ most of his boss’s affair and had the chance to chat with him on some occassions (mostly inside the car on the way to work).

    Now these househelpers may not be that ignorant about the law and its processes, don’t you think? Clean the crime scene and blame ignorance? Nevertheless, there is an old adage that goes “Ignorance is not an excuse”. How about that alleged financial scam, the wifey got involved into? Don’t you think the wife of an investigative reporter should know more than the average housewife. The scam is a very lame excuse IMO, Mr. Etong talks about it as if he doesn’t know a thing about his wife’s business dealings. What I am saying is that- If it is suicide, it is not a simple case of suicide and If it is parricide, it is not also a simple case of parricide. The ‘suicide letter’ contents seem to defend the “lefty housewife” (quote Matanglawin) theory. People have reasons to doubt…

  50. Take a look at the reenactment picture. Di kapaniwala, deretcho ulo kamay at binnti ayos na ayos. Yung ulo di lang man gumalaw pag nagsuicide, daig pa ng natutulog. Yung kamay patas ang position — hindi ako CSI, pero doon palang huli na ang maid saka si Ted. Scripted lang and suicide.

  51. Hello Ms. Noemi,

    I suddenly got hooked reading your blogs as they all tend to be both enlightening and entertaining.

    Thanks for continuously inspiring your readers and touching so many lives. Not all can possibly do that. Cheers!

    BTW, with regard to Failon’s saddening yet mind-boggling issue, I really do hope that the truth comes out soon. I can only offer my prayers to my former MENTOR as well as to his family. (Mr. Ted Failon was my former professor at PUP-Manila, Introduction to Mass Communication. He was a good mentor to me; he knew me by name. But, I really don’t know exactly who he is. LOLs.)

    Responsible Parenting, Life’s Stories and Family Blogs

    Myraines last blog post..Our Child is Indeed a Blessing

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