health is wealthThe saying ‘health is wealth’ is common to us. A good health is a treasure by itself especially nowadays with the emergence of new diseases and the rising medical costs.

It is also known to us that when we’re young, we usually sacrifice our health to earn wealth. However, as we age and grow old, it’s the other way around. We usually sacrifice our wealth in order to regain back our health.

Before it’s too late, we must always maintain our good health or you suffer the consequence of draining your money to regain your health back.  Maintaining a good health does not necessarily equate to a burden to our wallets.

Here are some tips on how to keep your health and your wallet healthy as well.


Vices like smoking, drinking alcohol, and gambling which are considered bad habits should be put into moderation if we can’t totally stop it. They will not only deplete your savings but it will also ruin your health.  Putting your vices into a stop will definitely save you hundreds and thousands of bucks yearly not only from spending to them but also from the potential medical costs that may arise from the disease that you might cause as a result of abusing your health.


When dining in restaurants, you can opt to choose tap water instead of ordering expensive juices and flavored drinks. It will not only cost you some bucks but it will also keep you healthy as well. The flavored drinks usually contain mostly sugar which can add to your weight. Even more, after a few hours, you will just flush it out through your urine together with the money you spent on it.


Instead of taking a cab, opt to walk especially on short distances. This will not only save you money on the fare but it will also save your health since walking is a good exercise to maintain our good health.


One way to keep our health through the foods that we eat is to choose fruits and vegetables over meat products. Aside from the fact that meat is more expensive, they are also known to harden blood vessels according to research. In addition, the animal cruelty involved in the path from livestock to entrée is sickening.

On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are known to contain vitamins and minerals that can help protect the body against some diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, and hypertension.


In line with choosing fruits and vegetables, consider those that are currently in season when making your grocery list. Seasonal produce is usually plentiful and less expensive than those that aren’t in season. Try to stay away from already sliced and prepared fruits and vegetables, which may be more convenient, but also are often more expensive.


Junk foods are called such because they are known to give little or no nutrition at all. Aside from good health reasons, skipping the junk food can also save you money. Back off on the stuffs that aren’t good for you. An occasional treat is okay but too much can drain your budget and your health too.


A better way to keep both your wallet and body healthy is growing your own nutritious foods in your own backyard. If you have the space, starting a garden of your own can be a great way to save on money produce.

When choosing what to plant, look at what you purchase most often, as well as what grows in your location. Depending on your location, common produce like tomatoes, lettuce, and malunggay can be easily grown.


Instead of spending your weekend in the mall, why not just spend it on your friend’s house? Watch a movie, cook foods, and eat together. You will not only save money on fare and dining out, but you will also get to know your friend well with his or her family.

With these tips, we are sure to keep both our body and wallet healthy. Truly, health is wealth. We must always keep our health in good condition because no matter how wealthy we are, if we are not in good physical condition, then all our wealth will only be in vain.


Photo:  “The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil” by Kate Ter Haar, c/o Flickr. Some rights reserved.


by Tyrone Solee, originally posted at the Health is Wealth: Tips to Keep Your Health and Wallet Healthy , Philippine Online Chronicles

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