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Not a Drama Queen at 50 Something

Real women, it’s said, don’t have hot flushes. They have power surges, and so others will experience what Margaret Mead called ““postmenopausal zest,” a release of energy that propels them to take on causes, take control of their lives and embark on new challenges.

(From Drama queens at 50something by Margie David Collins

I should be having hot flushes at my age. During our high school reunion, everyone talked of hot flashes and menopause. Why am I not experiencing any of those symptoms? Maybe it is not my time yet. Perhaps in 2 years? I never really worried about menopause. It’s not easy, the body is no longer what it once but (and this is not bragging), I feel more beautiful , confident and wiser than in my youth. Sex is great! (*winks*) . The journey is made easier by using makeup, anti-aging creams, vitamin and herbal supplements and keeping fit through exercise.

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It is true that ““postmenopausal zest” releases that energy for women to embark in new causes, and start challenges. Well, I didn’t have to wait for menopause to bring me to that renewed zest of life. I started blogging at 48 year old, made a name in the blogosphere, and embarked on other causes to keep me busy till my senior years. I made sure that as I enter the next stage, I had a new and different, lease on life and an opportunity to defy old age (at least in the internet, age is not a factor).

I look back at my past and count all the blessings. Sure, mistakes had been made and I came out of it and made myself a better person. I know that I will continue to have good as well as bad days. Yes, the winds of change blow through my life, sometimes like a raging typhoon. I seek my resting places and find time to catch my breath.

Today, I find the winds of change begin to rustle and I am not certain if this change is for the better. I may call it stress or a temporary condition but certainly, it’ll be restored to normal or rather a new “normal”.

I trust this change taking place is good. The winds of change will bring me to where I need to go.

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