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Parenting Tips

The bunny look-a-like

catpeeping.jpgA few days ago, as I pulled to the driveway I noticed a cat sitting on its hind legs near the gate. How cute!, Lauren yelled “A rabbit!“. I said No , “it’s a cat” I grabbed my camera phone and took a picture. Lauren wasn’t satisfied . She snatched my cellphone , got off the car and quietly tiptoped towards the kitty. This orange bundle of fur seemed to be staring at the bushes in our garden. I caught sight of Lady, one of our [tag]pet cats[/tag] looking at the same direction as the orange kitty. Hmm, no wonder.

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Chocolate Lover & The Micro entrepreneurs

chocolate loverMy daughter dragged me to Chocolate Lover , in Quezon City yesterday because she wanted to try her hand in chocolate molding. It’s been years since I’ve molded some [tag]chocolates[/tag] but the process remains fresh in my mind. When the kids were well, little kids, I stayed mostly at home except when I needed to meet clients for real estate transactions. My hobbies varied from cross-stitching, grandmother’s quilting, Chocolate candy making, cake decorating, baking and crafts. I even baked and iced their birthday cakes. How proud my kids were when I churned out Barbie themed or cutesy dolly cakes. The smell of cinnamon and molasses filled the air during the Christmas season. Christmas decors created by the girls and myself adorned our little home. That was until I discovered the internet in 1995 and neglected all those hobbies behind. But hey, those days were not in vain. My kids still do crafts and baking. During special occasions, I still bake but I avoid cake decorating with fancy designs.

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The rebirth of a stage mother

Gone are the days when I’d wait patiently by the lobby of the ballet studio, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Folk Arts Theater or wherever my 2 girls performed piano, ballet, voice recitals or a choir performance. Ohh, how enthralled I was listening or watching them on stage! Tying their hair to a neat bun, dabbling with their makeup or lugging their costumes were now a thing of the past. Those were my stage mother years. My hubby thought I was this frustrated mother who used her girls as a tool for her unfulfilled ambitions. Haha. Funny. My maternal instinct sought to develop the God-given talents of my daughters. I cannot for the life of me, carry a tune or tap my toes so there were no ballerina or opera singer dreams.

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