Monthly Archives: February 2007

What Blogging brought me

Sorry Annamanila for the delay of this meme. Reason is that this meme is similar to my talk on Personal Blogging Experience which I gave at Digital Filipino’s Blogging and… Read more »

Garage Sale

It was only 7:00 AM as I groped for the time in my cellphone. The maids woke me up from my dreaming mode. A “crowd” was milling by the front… Read more »

All For Jesus

If you studied at a Catholic School during the sixties, the nuns required you to scrawl “All for Jesus” on the top page of your notebook or pad paper. As… Read more »

Job Hunting

February is Lauren’s last month in college or school at that. Her graduation is still on March though. When she wailed that she had 28 days left before school ended,… Read more »